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Solo Show:
Think Inside the Box

Calling all beings that are claustrophobic, riddled with anxiety, or just looking to have their world capsized... come get your calm on... and come conquer your deepest darkest fears, all while being voraciously entertained.  


Think Inside the Box: The Show is a fusion of Chevy Chase, Brene Brown, Pirates Of the Caribbean, meets Cirque du Soleil. ... the essence of the 45 minute show is evoked from Tori Kubick's TEDx talk. 

Tori Kubick was featured on Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Cirque du Soleil, Jimmy Fallon, RHONY, and stages all over the world.


​Think Inside the Box: The Show, is family friendly, silly, transformative, featuring contortion, aerial, and mind-blowing stories from many crevices of the globe.

One of the very first things we learn, is to think OUTSIDE the box; hop in Tori's suitcase and let her show you what the inside has to offer. 

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